Bee and Puppycat Volume 2

Fangirls! I was supposed to wait for vacation to come for reading this, but I couldn’t! I love Bee and Puppycat so much, that I got too pumped looking at this trade paperback in my vacation pile that I just had to read it.


All the excitement is definitely worth it. Bee and Puppycat volume 2 is a lot like volume 1, in that there are many different stories, by multiple creators! I think the assortment of artists and writers lend another dimension to Bee; these are stories of what she’s doing during her cartoon’s break! I think comics like this are so fun because they give readers another peek into the character’s world.


One of my favorite stories was (surprisingly) The Carnival by Andrew Lorenzi. In this ten page comic, Bee and Puppycat go to the carnival right after a mission. There, Bee spots a super adorable Koala Clock at a carnival game, and she and Puppycat work their tushes off to get it! But a couple minutes after their victory, the Koala Clock is stolen. Bee and Puppycat chase the thief into a hall of mirrors, and find a little girl. She seems ashamed, shoving the clock back at Bee. But Bee feels bad, and lets the girl keep the clock. I think this is the most kind and generous thing to do, and it really shows readers who Bee is. She’s a little fussy and a little wild sometimes, but underneath she’s incredibly kind.


Bee and Puppycat Volume 2 hosts 17 different stories by 15 different creators. Some both write and illustrate, while some are only writers or illustrators. Everyone does a wonderful job at coming together to create a fantastic compilation, that through it’s different styles, still feels like one book.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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