Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

One of the most difficult things for me to do, is to leave the house without eyeliner. I have always felt that it’s difficult to see my eyes behind my glasses, so I’ve always done a pretty serious amount of liner. I’m pretty happy with my ability, now, but finding an eyeliner that works for me is a bit tough. I’m very happy with Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner, which I’ve had as my usual for a couple years now, but when I tried her Lightning Liner (which has many color options), I was incredibly disappointed. So I tried out Stila’s Stay All Day waterproof liner, and was incredibly pleased with the results.


I grabbed Stila’s Stay All Day liner in teal when I was at Sephora awhile back, because when I tried it out on my hand, it dried quickly, had strong pigment, and didn’t rub off. Even when I licked my finger to try and get it off, it didn’t work. Waterproof is good for me, because I’m a crier. I get upset a lot, and cry all the time. The first day I wore it, I actually cried a ton; my mascara ran and disappeared, but my eyeliner stayed strong. I was in love.


Other than the waterproof, my favorite thing about this liner is the high pigment. It’s hard to get good pigment sometimes. I have a forest green from another brand that I bought for Christmas, but it really just looks like black when it’s on. I don’t have this problem with Stila’s liner. It’s such a bright and fun color.

I highly recommend Stila’s Stay All Day liner, because it comes in a variety of colors, and goes on so darn easy! Plus, true to it’s name, it stays all day. It doesn’t cry off, and is pretty darn hard to rub off without makeup remover. So go get on it, you fashionable fangirls! Get yours at Sephora in person (which I recommend, so you can try out the colors and see how they look different on your skin), or order it here for $22.











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