Harley Quinn Issue 25

Fangirls, I’ve been putting this issue off. I’ve been worried about Harley going anywhere near the Joker, and I knew that would be a big part of this issue (he was in the last issue and he’s on the cover of this one). I didn’t even feel up to the challenge today, but I finally got off my bum and read it. And it was far more satisfying than I expected.


Harley is prepping for her mission to save Mason from Arkham Asylum, and everyone is worried about her. She gets into Gotham and meets up with Ivy. They go out to dinner, and Ivy brings up how worried she’s been about Harley’s mission. Though I’m not a huge fan of the nudity in this scene, I think it’s good to show that these ladies are so comfortable with each other. Ivy promises to make good on her end, and Harley goes forth to Arkham.


In Arkham, she uses an alias and costume to get in as a psychiatrist. Thinking the guards don’t know any better, Harley changes into her costume. But they knew, and they attack! Luckily, our girl is prepared and gasses them all. She heads to Mason, gets him out, and is confronted by his cell neighbor; the one and only Mistah J.

HQ25-3Harley and the Joker fight like I’ve never seen them fight. Both are being mean and malicious, genuinely trying to hurt the other. The whole time they’re fighting, Joker is telling Harley that she knows she belongs with him. In utter disagreement, Harley pulls a gun on him. She doesn’t kill him, but it’s clear that she considered it. She then tells him that she now understands why Batman hasn’t killed him; it would be playing into the Joker’s favor.


Harley and Mason get out, and Ivy quickly meets up with them in a boat. Batman’s boat, to be precise. Bats shows up soon after, telling them that Mason will be put in a witness protection program, but he still needs to pay for his crime, however accidental it was. Harley has to say goodbye to Madame Macabre too, as she’s going to take care of Mason.


Though we aren’t to the point of “all is well,” that wraps it up for this issue. I’m really glad that Harley fought the Joker the way that she did. She seems like she’s doing better for herself now, and I’m really glad she’s grown that much. I’m proud of her, and proud to read her comic.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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