Giant Days Year One

Alright Fangirls. Remember how a couple weeks ago I wrote about how I lost my mind over reading Giant Days? Well turns out the author, John Allison, wrote an earlier series, Giant Days Year One, and the comic that I read was the follow up to that. So when I saw Year One on Comixology (before i realized it came first), I was all, oh jeez I didn’t know they made a second part of the series. Obviously, I was wrong. But I’m incredibly glad that I was, because wow.


Giant Days Year One takes place as soon as Esther gets to university. It focuses on her break up with her high school sweetheart, the wild mistakes she makes, and her introduction to Susan and Daisy. It was phenomenal getting to know these characters even more, and seeing just how bad ass each of these ladies is in their own ways (naive little Daisy did a flying yoga attack, amazing).


As much as I thought I knew and loved Giant Days before reading Year One, I had no clue that I could love it more. I think being introduced to the characters again was amazing, but just seeing their beginnings was astounding. I read about the break up, the bizarre back tattoo, and a little bit of their pasts. It was just so perfect I can’t write straight.


Giant Days Year One was started in 2011, and finished in 2013, 2 years before Boom’s publishing. I still recommend reading the Boom published series first, because it’s nice to come back to the beginning. The three issues of ear One are available on comixology, and I really think every last one of you should read them.












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