NAC Nail Wraps

Fangirls, not only do I refuse to stop purchasing nail products, I honestly don’t think I can stop. I have a drawer full of nail polish (many duplicates), and I continue to buy more. And now that I know about, and kind of understand nail wraps, I keep buying those too. I had my boy (who has Amazon Prime, praise) order me some cute space themed nail wraps from NAC (Nail Art Club Inc), by way of Amazon. I love shopping with Amazon Prime because I get my stuff the next day, which is wonderful since I’m the least patient person on the planet. So I got my cute space nail wraps, and squealed a bunch over how cute they were. Then I got down to business, and applied the little dudes.


Though the font choice on the bottom of the package definitely wasn’t my favorite. But other than that, these wraps were rad. They were simple to apply; clean any & all nail polish and oils from nails, find wraps that best fit your nails, remove the clear top sticker, remove back sticker, place nail wrap, and file down. I thought it would be difficult, since I had such bad luck with the Sally Hansen nail wraps, but these were great.


The only issue I had, was with my thumbs, and I think that’s partially our new puppy’s fault. We’re trying to get him to stop chewing our hands (thumbs specifically), but he’s a persistent little bugger. I think his (near) constant chewing and saliva on my thumbs broke down the wraps pretty easily, making them peel off the second day of wear while at work. So I just used black, sparkly regular nail polish on my thumbs, and it was still super cute. I was bummed that the full set wasn’t on my nails, but they were still good.

The thumb wrap chipped and peeled pretty quickly.

Plus, when I was ready to remove these, I noticed that the nail wraps lasted longer than the regular polish on my thumbs (I used them for just over a week). A further testament to the wonders of nail wraps. I definitely recommend these nail wraps if you’re looking to try some out. I got 3 packs for about $11 from Amazon. Thats about the same price as 1 pack from other companies, so definitely consider them,











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