All New All Different Avengers #5 & 6

The writers and artists of this series really know how to make covers look ominous. I mean just look at this cover. It’s one of the great things about the series.

all new avengers 14

We open 24 hours ago (I assume this means from the cover) and see the Vision giving himself updates, and then destroying evidence that he gave himself an update. Four hours ago, Kamala is writing Avengers fan fiction with her friends when she has to go to an Avengers meeting. She catches a ride with Spider-Man.

all new avengers 15

Two hours ago, the Avengers appear in a battle against the Mad Thinker and his Dreadbot. Vision and Ms. Marvel fight the bot together. As Ms. Marvel finishes the fight, Vision gets a creepy look.

all new avengers 16

Turns out his updates are to playback anything he sees. And I think he can manipulate it as well…he shows the Avengers’ Ms. Marvel fighting the bot with zero regard for the civilians. Iron Man tells her she is no longer an Avenger, and she leaves just as Nova arrives. She tells Nova what happened and Nova goes in to confront the Vision and all of the Avengers. Unfortunately, a priority alert appears and Nova has gotten himself kicked out of the Avengers as well. And again, Vision gets that terrifying look.

The priority alert sends them to fight Equinox, a villain who can control fire and ice. But not just Equinox, all the Equinoxes from the future. They discover that Kang, conqueror of time, is behind everything, and Vision turns against them all. He knocks Captain America and Thor into a portal, and Mjilonir doesn’t follow them. As more Equinox appear, Sam discovers Thor’s true identity. And the issue ends.

So….why is Vision evil now? Why? A lot of why. It seems the next issue answers that question.

Kang is back. Thor doesn’t have her hammer during a battle. And Ms. Marvel and Nova were kicked out of the Avengers. Nothing is going well for the Avengers. Plus, once again, we get a stunning but ominous cover. So here we go.

all new avengers 17

Kang isn’t completely Kang. Something happened to splinter him, and this version wants to find a way home. He using the Vision to complete his plan. Nova finds Ms. Marvel and tells her about the Vision blackmailing him. They decide they need to go and help the remaining Avengers.

all new avengers 18

Kang has been after Thor’s hammer, hoping it can take him home since it can travel through time. Sam picks Jane up to try and help her reunite with the hammer, learning the truth about her.Sam’s plan is to take Jane to the Mjolnir of the future, hoping it’s exactly where she dropped it in the past. She calls it to her as the battle in the present rages on. Spider-Man comes up with a brilliant plan to act as though he’s been controlled by Kang, which reveals the present Equinox. He destroys that one and the others disappear.

Sam gets the hammer into Jane’s hand, Iron Man reboots Vision’s systems, and Sam and Thor return to the fight against Kang. As Kang attacks, the Vision wakes up and fights Kang. Thor grabs the hammer from the future and the hammer from the present and creates a paradox to destroy Kang…this time. Vision apologizes for what he has done to the team. Vision goes off to reflect on what’s happened, and Sam and Jane get to connect outside of the Avengers. And issue 6 is over.

When issue 7 appears, we’ll be in the middle of the Avengers Standoff at Pleasant Hill event, which I’m starting next. So we’ll see how that goes for our team.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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