Batgirl Issue 47

Fangirls I’ve been behind on Just about everything recently, but I’m working to turn that around. It’s definitely tough to get back on track, but I’m getting there. Issue 47 of Batgirl is a bit of a doozy, so let’s hop right to it.


After setting Spoiler up safely at a friend’s place for a bit, Batgirl calls on her for some help with an investigation on the Gotham City Police department. After learning that Spoiler’s roommate, Bluebird, is also ready and willing to help, Batgirl takes a quick lunch with her dad to check things out. He tells her that he can’t guarantee that the GCPD isn’t messing with her stuff; Geri Powers is using it as a way to improve his forces instead of Gotham’s force, and it’s trouble all over the place. He does warn her that if she picks a fight with the GCPD, he can’t guarantee her safety or his help. It’s a bit tough to read how upset he is about her, it’s very clear that he cares, but doesn’t know how to help.


Back at Babs’ apartment, she finds Frankie and her friend Greg fighting; aparently Frankie found Greg creeping in Babs’ underwear drawer. Gross. He explains that he was looking for Babs’ old cables, which she told him to help himself to. Upset at Barbara’s back up of Greg, Frankie is clearly not looking forward to the evening’s GCPD trip.

The ladies go into the GCPD dressed as officers, and find that the file says that Barbara tipped off police about the gang members. She doesn’t remember doing that, and is very worried about the state of her memory. When Geri Powers recognizes her as Barbara Gordon, Bluebird blacks out all of the GCPD’s power, the ladies change, and book it out of there.


They get out safe, with the upsetting knowledge that Barbara can’t trust her memories. After splitting up, Babs goes to Luke Cage to talk about her memory worries, and Qadir bursts in. He explains that her blueprints needed tweaking, but he thinks it would be a phenomenal renewable energy resource. Babs isn’t convinced though; what if what she came up with destroys Gotham? In bed that night, a mysterious creature changes her memory, so she remembers saying that the machine will save all of Gotham. He looks like trouble, and the crook we’ve been looking for.


Though I’m really excited about the storyline that’s happening now, I’m definitely not into the art. There are a lot of doe eyes happening, and everyone looks far too young. I’m not about that. But I do love Corporeal Punishment’s look (they briefly fight her when the power goes down at the GCPD). Altogether it’s a great and exciting issue.














All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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