Captain America Civil War

Fangirls, it is 11pm on Thursday night. I’ve just seen Captain America Civil War. And I have so many thoughts and emotions. It’s a roller coaster ride, to say the least. I promise, this review will be spoiler free. Zero spoilers given here.

civil war 4

In case you don’t know, Civil War is a culmination of everything before it. The government feels that the Avengers have become too powerful and want to put them in check under the Sokovia Accords. Basically, the Avengers would all be under one roof and be told where to go and when to go. Tony agrees, hearing ghosts from the past, while Steve feels that under the Sokovia Accords their free will would be diminished. Each Avenger takes a side, and there’s slight diagreements. The disagreements only escalate when Steve’s best friend, Bucky Barnes, is accused of a terrorist attack. Steve is determined to find the truth, find Bucky, and help his best friend. The other Avengers? They don’t all see Steve’s vision.

civil war 5

My favorite film in the MCU is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I love everything about it, from the writing, to the directing, to the acting. Everything to me was incredible. This movie was done by the same team; Joe and Anthony Russo, Christopher Markus, and Stephen McFeely. And I know at least the Russo brothers are staying on for Avengers Infinity Wars. And I couldn’t be happier with this team. I believe that even though they’re writing comic book superhero movies, they do their best to make them as real, as human, as possible. You connect so well with the characters. You feel their hardships. You go on this journey with them and it all feels so real. I absolutely love them as a team and I cannot wait for what’s next from them.

And of course, the acting as ever is amazing. Especially the newcomers Chadwick Boseman and Tom Holland as Black Panther and Spider-Man, respectively. Black Panther was amazing. I am so ready for his solo movie to come out, I need a time machine so I can go into the future and see it now. And I think this might be the best most fun Spider-Man yet. They kept him light and child-like, because he is. He is a teenager thrust into this insane world. And he is so well done all around.

civil war 6

I could go on and on about how much I loved this movie. It’s going to take me a while to process everything I witnessed, and I know I need to see it a few (million) more times. But if you love the MCU and Captain America, this is definitely the movie for you.











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