On Changing

Fangirls, we have to talk. It’s time for Fangirls Are We to go through some changes. Though a lot of our stuff is going to stay the same, some things are going to disappear (three comic reviews a week seems a little too much, especially since I have issues keeping up on them), and they’re going to be replaced by lifestyle pieces. There will still be pieces on food and drinks, comics, books, and beauty, but there will also be more DIY and journal-like pieces, along with a more relaxed schedule.

My goal is for this site to bring people together, to give myself and other Fangirls worldwide a sense of community, in loving fandom and life. It’s important that I enjoy writing, and I’ve been having trouble enjoying some things for awhile now. I want the site to be good for everyone, and have different facets, but I also want it to grow and change with me, and I move up and on in life.

I appreciate your ever constant support, Fangirls and Fanboys, as FAW has gone through several large changes throughout our years. I strive to keep the site a safe and positive space for nerdy things and everything else. Thank you so much.


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