The Mighty Thor #4 & 5

When last we saw Thor, she had returned to being Jane Foster in Loki’s prescence. And Odin is still hating everything to do with the new Thor. Malekith is causing galaxy wide war. So all in all, everything is going terribly.

mighty thor 13

As she falls, Jane reaches for Mjolnir, finally getting a hand on it and becoming Thor once more. The queen of the light elves comes out to end the war once and for all, against the warnings of Thor.She invites Malekith to a peace talk while her people escape to safety. Malekith forces Thor and Loki to stay outside, in the presence of Laufey.

mighty thor 14

Malekith and the queen, meanwhile, discuss the peace. Malekith says he only wants to unite the elf kingdoms once more, through a marriage. The queen does not agree, and finds that the Enchantress has infiltrated her kingdom. The “wedding” happens, and Malekith tells Thor that she should return to Asgard for the trial.

The trial of Freyja begins with Freyja standing up to Odin, much to Odin’s anger. Outside of the great hall, a crowd gathers to fight and free Freyja. As Odin begins to give her sentence, Thor and Loki burst in together. And the battle between Thor and Odin begins, as issue 4 ends.

Oh man. Next issue is going to be explosive, Fangirls. Explosive.
mighty thor 15

Freyja regrets that a civil war has begun in Asgard, but knows that she must fight it and win it nonetheless. She reveals that Loki was acting as a spy inside Malekith’s council of villains (please let him stay good, character growth is good people) and urges the others to trust him.

mighty thor 16

Malekith, meanwhile, succeeds in taking over the realm of the light elves and plans he next conquest. Thor sees what is happening in the galaxy, but cannot help with Odin attacking her. Everything comes to an end though as Loki betrays Freyja (*hangs head in sadness and frustration because whyyyyy*) and kills her. Odin carries her away and his evil brother sits the throne as regent, making a deal with Malekith through Loki; Malekith can attack any realm he likes so long as Asgard stays off his list.

mighty thor 17

Meanwhile on some space pod thing, two creatures discuss a prisoner who suddenly began to scream for his mother. It is the former Thor, who apparently sensed his mother’s death. And issue 5 ends.

I wasn’t wrong, this was pretty explosive. A lot happened and there’s a lot still to happen.











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