Lumberjanes Issue 23

With a terrible storm coming through, and our favorite cabin full of Lumberjanes scattered, what is happening in this issue? Fangirls, it’s getting wild in the Lumberjane universe, and there’s so much happening I can’t handle it.


In the our dimension, Mal, Jo, and April are aboard Seafarin’ Karen’s boat, along with a gang of selkies, trying to get back to shore. But the crazy storm is making that impossible, and everything gets worse as a whirlpool sucks them further down into the deep blue.


In the other dimension, Molly and Ripley are working with Bear Woman to close up the portals. Molly gets to use a beautiful archery set she spied at the Bear Woman’s house to shoot through far off portals. Ripley gets distracted by a giant moth, and runs off, while the Bear Woman propositions Molly. Seeing Molly consider staying with Bear Woman forever made me really sad; I love how happy she and Mal have been making each other, along with the intensity of the friendship throughout Roanoke Cabin. I couldn’t imagine her leaving them.


Soon, (in the other dimension still) Molly sees water falling through a portal. The whirlpools, she realizes, we’re not caused by the selkies, but instead by the portals. After being told by Bear Woman the the rest of the Lumberjanes are at sea now (post portal jumping), Molly finds Ripley, and they start to head out.


But the issue ends back in our dimension, on the boat, and the sea is getting tougher. Poor Mal is losing her mind; being transported to the ocean when you have an intense fear of water is not a good situation. But then things get worse. A massive wave comes out of nowhere, and destroys the boat. And that’s where the issue ends.


These issues have been packed, front to back, with action. I love that it’s constantly wild, but I also really want the members of Roanoke Cabin to get some down time soon; they need to relax and have a picnic or something. It’s worrisome that they’ve been going to intensely all summer. But other than that, keep it rolling and keep reading Lumberjanes!










All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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