On Moving

Though I want almost nothing to do wth the area I live in, moving out is so terrifying that I’ve yet to do it. Last August, when I was promoted, I had another DS sit me down, and talk to me about how long I wanted to be in the company. She suggested one year, as that’s enough time for a management position to be put on my résumé and have it taken seriously. We went through and budgeted out what I would need if an apartment cost X, with Y and Z as necessities that I would get. Making a budget was calming, but as we get ever closer to August, it weighs heavier on my mind that not only do I not have a place picked out, but that there’s no way for me to move.


The idea of moving to a new area is terrifying. As I’ve said before, I don’t drive, so finding everything would take time. I’d have to map out the safest ways to get places, find a place to work, and make sure I had a steady income. But you need a living space to go to work from, and you need a job to get a living space.

Many apartment renters (both complexes and individual renters) want proof of employment, but you need a place to live to find a job. And you need a job to pay for a living space. I have spoken with my boyfriend about staying with him for a couple months to find a job and a place to live, but it’s intimidating. I worry that living out of a suitcase in his room would be stressful on both of us. I definitely will be talking with him more about it, but moving into a home someone has already established can feel weird; I don’t want to feel like I’m constantly intruding, and I want to feel comfortable in my living space.

I feel like a spoiled child when I say things about wanting to have my stuff, but I find comfort in my plushes and books, and thats why I buy them. I want to feel comfortable, especially in such a jarringly new situation. It’s hard to convey that without sounding like the world’s most entitled asshole. But feelings are feelings.

Having been saving for quite some time, I have a good amount set aside. I have around $5,000 set aside in a savings account, along with $10,000 in CDs earning interest, and about $2,000 in my regular checking account. It’s difficult to think about, and consider my  money, but I’ve been working hard to spend less lately, and to reward myself with weightless goals with items that aren’t crazy expensive. I’m also selling off my old XBOX 360 and the games I’ve had with it, and all of the money from that is going into my savings account (it’s not much, but it’s something). I’ve got an automatic withdrawal pushed from my main checking account into my savings account every month, so that there is always money going in, and I am going to be increasing that within the week.

I have a solid list of the items that I have for moving out; everything from toiletries to kitchen goods, but it never feels like it’s enough. I’m incredibly lucky to have a supportive mother who buys me necessities along with the fun stuff for holidays (at Easter I got some candy, a couple Star Wars toys, and a mixing bowl set). It’s scary how many things I still feel like I need though. The other day I realized that I don’t have any oven mitts, so even though I bake often and have cupcake tins, I wouldn’t be able to take anything out of an oven without being burnt.

It’s a lot to consider. I’m overwhelmed with everything, and would appreciate any and all suggestions anyone has.


2 thoughts on “On Moving

  1. Moving is scary. Learning to live in a new area is even scarier. You have to weight the pros and cons of everything and you still question if it was the right choice. I just moved 1,800 miles from home to live in Texas with my husband. It’s going to be hard. You’re going to cry and be upset and that’s okay. If you know where you are moving research the area. Find out where all the comic books stores, book stores, antique shops and thrift shops are. Is there a bus system, do they have annual festivals or activities? Spend a day or two each month just wandering around discovering things. Turn it into an adventure and discover new things every week if you can. You are going to feel like you are missing or forgeting things all the way up until you unpack and maybe after. But thats okay. Go to Target or TJmaxx for the clearance section if you are missing things but always make sure you have these things for a new place: dish soap, washcloths, toilet paper, a towel, a can opener, toilet plunger, duct tape, trash bags, scissors and a screw driver/wrench set. As silly and simple as it seems you will be glad you have them already.

    • This is all phenomenal advice; thank you so much! I have been working to make sure I have basics, like shampoo, conditioner, towels/washcloths, etc, but haven’t grabbed almost anything you’ve suggested! Thank you.

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