Moisturizing Lipstick from e.l.f.

I don’t know about you, Fangirls, but before this lipstick, I had never used anything other than a brush from e.l.f. cosmetics. I bought this Raze Dazzle Red lipstick because it claimed to be moisturizing, was inexpensive, and I didn’t have time to search for my lipstick bag at home. So I grabbed this stuff, cashed out, and rushed home.


When I first put it on, it felt really loose. I know that’s a silly way to describe lipstick, but it was. I felt like during application I was just pushing the pigment around, not actually applying it. But the color was nice, it felt like it was moisturizing, and I still couldn’t beat that price! We went to our appointment (the puppy psychologist) which lasted about an hour. Everything was good with the pup, but not with my lipstick!

Within an hour of talking and nodding, my lipstick was just about gone. It was at the point of “why is this person wearing bright red liner but nude lipstick?” Bad news. But, I reapplied thinking it was just a bizarre happenstance, and it would be okay this time. But again, I was wrong.

While it was on, it was a good color.
While it was on, it was a good color.

Though this lipstick feels wonderful once it’s applied, and made my lips hella soft, it’s not worth it. I like lipstick to last at least 3 hours, through talking, drinking, and eating. This couldn’t last 1 with just talking. I’m honestly very disappointed in this lipstick, and it’s lack of stay. I definitely can’t recommend e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick to you unless you like to reapply hourly. But as for me, I don’t have time for that. Also, the day after I used this lipstick, I ended up with a big blister on my lip. Straight into the trash, that lipstick went.

It really sucks to be excited about cosmetics and have them not work out, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. I’m bummed that it didn’t work, but there are more days and more lipsticks, so I’ll be fine. Go forth and find some damn good lipsticks Fangirls, you’re worth it.










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2 thoughts on “Moisturizing Lipstick from e.l.f.

  1. ELF has some great products–I’m a fan of many. However, when there is a dud, it is a dud supreme. I find their false eyelashes to be the worst ever..and some of their eye pencils are just as bad. The lipstick actually looks good on you though. Seriously, I’ve just about given up on all lipsticks because none of them have staying power–and when they do, the color oxodizes.

    • I’ve heard similar thoughts on ELF before, so I wasn’t crazy surprised when it didn’t work out; just a bit bummed. I’ve found that NYX has some really great colors that last, as does ColourPop. Plus, both are cruelty free brands!

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