Muffin Top

The other day, my mother (who is perpetually aware of my weight loss journey and lack of self confidence) suggested we watch a movie together. It was an early evening in, so I agreed. She said that she had just watched the movie earlier in the day, and thought I would enjoy it just as much as she had (even if the quality wasn’t 100%, she mentioned). So we sat down to watch Muffin Top.

Muffin Top follows a woman as she deals with her divorce, and blames it on her weight gain. She has a muffin top that she is very unhappy with (I know that feeling, friend), and is doing everything she can (except exercising, it seems) to get rid of it. She has a lot of downs; after losing her husband to his young, skinny assistant, she gets liposuction and a lip injection and her lips react poorly to the injection, and her entire face swells up, the day of a lecture on feminism.

She deals with a fellow professor who is out to get her for altering her body, friends who want to help in some really weird ways (temporary breast implants to get her laid), along with the regular struggles that come with divorce (finding yourself, trying to bring back confidence, dealing with this massive loss). I can’t quite say that she takes it in stride, but I think she does damn well.

The movie ends up being a lot less about her muffin top, and a lot more about her growth and acceptance of herself. And my mum was right; I loved it. It’s funny, sweet, and – dare I say – endearing. If you’ve got Netflix, you should really check out Muffin Top while it’s on. And if you don’t have Netflix, you should get Netflix.











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