Espionage Cosmetics: Laura + Luci Nail Wraps

Fangirls, I love comics. I love reading about them, wearing them, supporting them,seeing them in movie form; any way I can take them in, I like to. Since I have a full time job with a strict dress code and don’t do much on my time off, ripping nerd clothes doesn’t happen as much as I’d like. But recently I found out about Espionage Cosmetics, a cosmetic company focused on all things nerdy. One of their specialties is nail wraps, so I became incredibly excited when I found their Laura + Luci and Baal + Inanna nail wrap sets. I started off by ordering just the Laura + Luci set, because they’re my girls, and it had been awhile since I read the comics, so they stood out to me more (plus the pink/purple/blue suits my wardrobe more).


When I ordered the nails, I also ordered a bat wrap too, and was excited about both sets. But I immediately put on the Laura + Luci set. Application was easy; they were easy to remove before they had been pressed on, which is good, since I don’t have the most steady hands. I used a little of each god on each hand, doing every other nail in either god. I really was worried that if I did one hand in each god, they wouldn’t look like they belonged together. Doing every other nail made that issue nonexistent.


These nails lasted, Fangirls. At work, I use my nails to pry open things all the time; I’m ripping signs apart, putting price tags in (which destroys my nails), and constantly clacking on a keyboard. I also have a chewy little puppy at home who seems to think that thumbs are the best chew toys. But these nails lasted. I kept them on for almost 10 days, and though I had minor chipping on the tips, they didn’t get as peel-y as others have. I also didn’t feel bored with them as quickly, which was nice. I didn’t have any issue with boredom with the Personails I wore, but with regular nail polishes and some other wraps I’ve tried, I get bored after a week. Not these.


A big highlight of these rad nails, was that they glowed in the dark. It’s next to impossible to get a picture of it, since the glow is so faint, but it’s phenomenal, even godlike. At first it spooked me a bit; I had no clue what was on my fingertips. But after a couple days, I remembered that they glowed.



I would definitely recommend these nail wraps to all nerds out there. I kept the extras so they can be accent nails on a later manicure. But until then, I’ll keep trying out new nail wraps (I’m ordering the Baal + Inanna set now). I think Espionage Cosmetics has a wide range of nail wraps for all types of nerdery (I am in serious need of their Bitch Planet set, and their Sex Crims nails as well), and I can’t wait to try them out. I’m also excited to try out their other types of cosmetics. Go forth and Fangirl, ladies. And do so with godly nails.











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