Fangirls, tomorrow  I run my first 5k in over 10 years. I am terrified in every way possible.


I’m nervous that I’ll be too tired, that I’ll be judged for trying to run at my current weight, that people will laugh at me for going to slowly. I”m scared that my mum (who is an avid runner, but promised to run with me) will just get caught up in the race and leave me. I’m worried that I will continue to let my weight hold me back.

I think the one thing that’s keeping me hell-bent on completing is just that I paid for this. I’m not a big fan of wasting money, especially since I’m trying to move and save and figure things out. Sure, the race was only $33, but that’s lush products or comics, and money isn’t ever “just” anything. But I’m scared.

I’m keeping it short today in hopes that I don’t overwhelm myself with fear and nerves. Tomorrow we’re leaving home around 6:30 to pick up our cheer section (my aunt), and head to the Freihofer’s Women’s Race. Wish us luck.

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