Incredible Front Close Sports Bra from Victoria’s Secret

Hey you busty Fangirls! I’ve been writing a lot about what I’m trying to do to get more healthy, and one of the things that was most daunting at the start of my health changes was buying a sports bra.


I’ve been a double d cup for the past couple of years, and it’s difficult even considering sports bras. Buying bras is pretty tough for me, because my breasts are heavy, which hurts my shoulders, and the idea of running and having to hope that I wouldn’t get smacked in the face by my boobs was terrifying.

So I asked around, and I was told that Victoria’s Secret and Nike has some rad bras that are good for the bustier babes of the world. So I went to VS, tried on the Incredible, jumped around a bit, and was satisfied with the lack of jiggle.


I’ve been jogging in this bra for almost 3 months, and I love it. It’s a front closure, which took me a couple times to get used to, but once I did it a few days, I was good to go. I highly recommend it, especially to busty ladies. I didn’t feel like I needed to restrain my chest when I jogged, because the bra did it for me, without the dreaded uniboob! It runs at $58 for my size, which seems like a lot up front but lasts and is comfy as heck!

I recently read a review of this bra from a less busty acquaintance, who complained that “at no point are we to allude to men that our boobs are not perfectly round and perky…” She also went on to describe it as a monstrosity, which I can not agree with on any level. I’m sure that it may be less comfortable for other women, especially for those with smaller breasts. Reading her thoughts on the bra reminded me to tell you Fangirls the importance of trying on a bra before buying it. Be it sports bra or lingerie, you want to feel comfortable and confident. I continue to recommend this bra, but that is because it suits my needs, and fits me well. Try on any and all bras before you purchase them, ladies. And if you’re buying a sports bra, do some jumping jacks and jog in place to see how and if it works for you.












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