Doctor Lip Band’s Lip Freak in Sin-o-Mint

Fangirls. I’m always down to try new lip-wear. I love my lipsticks and chapsticks more than anything, and I try desperately not to stick with just one brad. But lately I’ve been living on the safe side with my Baby brand chapsticks. So when I saw Lip Freak at Ulta the other day, I figured, why not? I gave it a whirl, and loved it far more than I expected to.


Lip Freak advertises “The strongest BUZZING lip balm in the whole world” and that intrigued me. I’ve never tried a buzzing lip anything. I’ve had some that tingle a bit, but after trying out the Lip Freak balm, I know they’re incredibly different.

I purchased Sin-O-Mint, a flavor that sounds just like it’s name. It’s a delicious combination of cinnamon and mint, and it really does make my lips buzz! Though I haven’t tried the “let’s make out” suggestion on the back of the packaging (I see my boy next week and he’s not a fan of cinnamon anyways), I’ve been enjoying the feeling alone. I think it’s been cheering me up, because I feel the buzzing and I feel a little silly and a little awesome. My lips feel like they’re constantly vibrating, and it’s silly and fun.


I’ve also noticed that this lip balm is incredibly moisturizing, and keeps my lips crazy soft. They’re ready for smooching whenever! I highly recommend this lip balm; I’ve been using it in the mornings after breakfast and before I apply my regular makeup. It’s a nice way to wake my lips up while hydrating them before putting a colored lipstick on.

Another rad thing about Lip Freak is that it’s gender neutral. I hope everyone tries this out and realizes its phenomenal! Go forth and get to smoochin’, Fangirls!











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