Getting Back on the Horse

Fangirls, I know I apologized yesterday for being off the grid, but I think it’s good to detox from everything now and then. I’m working on getting back on the horse with exercise, writing, and everything.


Almost 2 weeks ago, I ran my 5k. It was exhausting, but incredibly rewarding. I’m working on getting back to having fitness as a priority. I took some time off of running and my strength training, and when I got up to do some exercises today (before my run), I felt like garbage. I’ve found that I’m feeling less fit because I took less than a week off of everything (but I still kept track of my calories) and I am really feeling it. I noticed that my body feels less strong, and running is more difficult. I did the barrier run (my favorite because it pushes me to be strong instead of fast), and I could only run the first 3 (of 3.5) miles. It felt like garbage.

The wedding that I was nervous about was this past weekend. We had a blast, and a couple folks commented on my weight loss, and that was so gratifying. I definitely didn’t expect to enjoy myself (I worry about judgmental families), but I danced and had fun all night! It was a fantastic time, and I’m so happy for Kelly and Brandon.


I also took a massive step on Monday; I signed my very first lease. I will be moving to Maryland in August; the next thing is to find a job. My coworker said that she found a job a month after moving to florida, and I’m intimidated by everything about moving, but I’m hopeful that I’ll figure it out. Everything will be okay.

So my week has been wild, and I’m tired and just feeling defeated, but I’ll make it. I am 3 pounds from my goal weight (165lbs) and that is blowing my mind. I’m nervous because my body image hasn’t improved as much as I had hoped it would. But I think I’ll get there and that should be enough. We’ll keep moving forward, and everything will be wonderful.











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2 thoughts on “Getting Back on the Horse

  1. I’m very quickly falling in love with your blog!
    As someone who has always taken their body for granted, how would you recommend starting on the fitness route?
    I recently had a baby and have no idea how to go about losing the weight that I put on and it’s dragging me down. You’re literally the only person I know of into fitness that I can related too (fellow fangirl) and wondered if you have any advice.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Jenn,

      I think starting small is the way to go. I have a morning routine that I’m (trying to get back into) doing almost every day, full of strength training. I run every other day, which really helped push me to lose a good amount of weight. I was (and still am) very intimidated by trying to lose weight, so all of it frustrates me quite a bit. But the strength training helped a good amount. I also did a teatox last month that helped motivate me more. I find the most helpful thing is to find a way to keep yourself accountable. I have an accountability buddy and an Instagram that I try to update daily to keep myself from eating terrible things and keep moving (if you have Instagram, it’s @fitnessforfangirls). Other than that, the best advice I have is something I struggle to follow myself; don’t lose hope. Keep working at it, and it will pay off. Heck, yesterday I realized that I’m starting to get abs! I’m astounded.

      I hope this helps!

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