Lumberjanes Issue 24

Fangirls, it’s that time where we get to talk about the cutest comic I read; Lumberjanes! Last time, when we left off, Seafarin’ Karen’s boat was destroyed, with the selkies, Karen, and half of Roanoke Cabjn stranded in the water. Luckily, Lumberjanes are there for each other.


Molly and Ripley come in, just in time, to save the day. Ripley found a boat when she disappeared in the other dimension, brought Molly to it, and they waited for lightening to strike it, to create a portal. Thank goodness for the massive pile of tires that kept them safe while the lightening struck.


With everyone on board the new ship, they still had to figure out what was keeping the portal open. When they looked into the water, they found that Moirin’s pelt was wrapped in seaweed in the middle of the massive whirlpool. The magic was being pulled from the selkie’s pelt to fuel the whirlpool, keeping it open even when things had gone through it.
Jo creates a Bola Launcher with help from Molly and the selkie¬†Sunday. Molly climbs up the mast and shoots to the pelt, but her rope snaps. Right as she’s freaking out, werewolf Karen jumps up to save her, but gets struck by lightening, and thrown into the water. The selkies rescue her, Moirin goes after her pelt, and the whirlpool portal was closed up. Everything looked pretty dang okay.


Karen, along with the selkies, went off into the sunset as the Lumberjanes realized that they needed to get home to Jen. Moirin comes after them right before they leave to give them the Knot On Your Life badge, which started this entire endeavor. As they walk back to camp, we see the view through the bear woman’s spyglass, showing Molly’s aura to be larger and more jagged than those of the other girls.


This storyline was a lot of fun, but it got me worried about the Lumberjanes quite a bit. We’re 2 years into this comic, and summer is ending soon. I’m worried about Molly, not just because of her aura that was shown, but because she doesn’t want to go back home. She wants to be with her friends forever, and I think she’s going to end up taking Bear Woman up on her offer to stay. I’m also worried about how this will affect Mal. I’m really happy that their relationship is happening (that first smooch was too cute), but what will Mal do if Molly stays? I feel like it’s going to cause a rift in the members of Roanoke Cabin, and that’s not something I’m ready for.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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