The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost by Rachel Friedman

Fangirls, a little over a month ago, one of my coworkers loaned me a couple of books for my vacation. One of them was The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost. My coworker and I share the same wanderlust and love of travel, so she thought it would be perfect for me. She was incredibly right.


Though it took me far too long to read it, I read most of this book while traveling, which was almost too appropriate. I read it on car rides and trains and buses, and I think that’s the best way to do it. The book follows Friedman as she is bitten by the travel bug, hard, and crosses countries and continents to experience the world in the most genuine way possible; by living it.

This book inspired me to want to get out more. I have most of the needed components to get my passport, and I am starting to consider that more and more every day. I loved reading it, and want to cross the globe the way Friedman did now more than ever. I think Maryland is a big step for me, and though I will be too broke for constant travel, we still have a trip to California this year, and I’ve got another with the Ohana next year. There’s a lot in the works, but I believe the next Disney I would like to visit (outside of the States), is Tokyo Disney. Though there will be a massive language barrier, Tokyo seems to be an amazing place, and this book has pushed me to want to go there more ferociously than ever before.

I highly recommend The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost to all of you, but take it with this grain of salt; it will make you want to leave. Reading this book will help you realize that travel is possible, and though there will always be snafus, it can be done, and honestly, it should be done. So whenever you’re up for going to Tokyo Disney (or Tokyo Disney Sea), hit me up.












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