Squirrel Girl Issue 6: Animal House Part 1

Guess who is behind on Monday Comics? If you guessed me, the girl whose wifi isn’t working properly and is super tired at 5am, then you guessed correctly. Monday’s are always tough, because I’ve taken over for an early morning person at work, and Mondays are the earliest of days. I’m not super into leaving my house at 6:45am, but I am all about getting done by 4pm. Sadly, the early mornings have put me way behind with writing, and I’m sorry about that. But I’m going to do my best to get back on top of that.


Animal House Part 1 is the first issue that features Howard the Duck in Squirrel Girl’s series. It starts with him stealing Mew (Nancy’s cat), and when SG goes to stop him, he explains that all cats look the same to him (racist). Not too long into their conversation, Kraven the Hunter shows up, throws a sack over Howard (who has given Mew back), tosses Squirrel Girl, and rides off out of the city, to his mystery benefactor’s mansion.


Inside the mansion, Squirrel Girl finds out that the cosplay Doombots are the least of her worries. The mansion is home to Shannon, a woman whose divorce has left her with too much money and rage. She’s taken it out on anthropomorphic animals, because they are a legal grey area when it comes to hunting. That’s why she wanted Howard. He’s not alone in there, though. Rocket Raccoon, Beast, and a couple others are already caged up, but after Squirrel Girl trashed the mansion and Kraven stands up for her, they join the hunted. The issue ends with them realizing that the hunt has begun.


I thought this was a rather interesting issue, because while it mashed together several characters from around the Marvel Universe, it featured an unknown villain. I thought that was an interesting choice. I also like that Kraven and Squirrel Girl are cool with each other. But that wraps it up for today. I hope you fangirls have the best Monday you can, and do something fun today!






















All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 

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