Egghead by Bo Burnham

Fangirls, I’ve been wanting Egghead since I first heard that Burnham was releasing a book. But it fell to the wayside as I didn’t see it in Target, and that’s the most accessible place to buy books around here. But the other day I finally went to a Barnes & Noble again, and grabbed Egghead (along with Watsky’s How To Ruin Everything), and I could not wait to read it. So on the car ride back I started flipping through the poems and I couldn’t get enough.


Egghead is a collection of Bo Burnham’s poetry. In case you’re not all about Bo Fo’ Sho’, he’s someone who got came hard onto the comedy scene relatively young. He is the youngest person to have held a special on Comedy Central (2 days after he turned 18), and is funny in a sometimes terrifying way. He seems very real; he hasn’t got the tolerance for audience members shouting things at him, but is still funny about it. His comedic topics range from dick jokes to jokes and songs about how messed up the way some people treat others. It’s poignant, and he’s easily my favorite comedian.

So of course I wanted a book of his poems. I expected them to be goofy and intense; seriously funny. To say that I wasn’t disappointed may be a giant understatement; I loved this book. I expected to enjoy it; to have fun reading bits and pieces here and there, but once I opened it, I didn’t stop reading. The night I bought it, I read almost all of it before getting into bed. And when I couldn’t sleep, I turned my light back on and finished the book. It was phenomenal.


Though the writing was what I came for, I also had a lot of fun looking at the illustrations in the book. They were usually related to the poem, and they were fantastic little sketchy-looking bits. They are done by Chance Bone, and really add a lot to the book.

If you like comedy or poems or Bo Burnham, or if you just like being happy, you should read Egghead. It’s a fun romp of a book, and it was one of the first things I packed for my move once I finished reading it.











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