Bullet Journal DIY

The other day at work, I told a coworker of mine not to forget her sketchbook. She thanked me, but told me that it wasn’t a sketchbook, it was a bullet journal. My look of confusion was met with an “oh you’re gunna love this!” as she opened hers up.



A bullet journal is an amazing way to keep track of your lists and goals, month by month and day by day. It’s literally just a list journal, except it’s cute and organized a specific way. After my coworker showed me hers (and her favorite video that laid out how to make one), I knew I needed one.

You see, Fangirls, I love lists. I love making lists of what I need to do. My problem, however is that I lose my lists or forget about them, as they’re all on small pieces of paper. Not anymore! Now that I have a bullet journal, my lists are set to go.


Before I even started buying the supplies for my bullet journal, I watched this video. Then, I went to Target to grab a journal, 2 types of Washi Tape, and a pack of pens. I brought it all home and started decorating.

Once my journal was decorated, I rewatched the video and set it up page by page. I felt relieved immediately; I had the stuff that NEEDED to be done laid out for the month, and my big events (road trip, goodbye parties, moving, and Disneyland) laid out so I would be able to make sure I had those days off. I’ve already started with lists internally; getting stuff done feels great, and I have a way to take care of everything in an organized manner. And if I don’t get certain things done, I can migrate them to the next month! It’s amazing.

If you like to be organized (or need to get organized), a bullet journal may be for you. They’re small enough to go everywhere, well organized enough to keep you on track, and easy enough that everyone can do one! I highly recommend the system, and can’t wait to use mine some more. You can check out the video (here, in case you missed the other links), and the website (here) to get yourself started. Happy listing!











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2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal DIY

  1. Thanks for sharing this method of organisation with us. It seems really interesting and looks like it might work for getting a bit more sorted out with a heap of things. Can’t wait to view the videos and see some updates from you about how it’s working out for you.

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