Appdicted: Runkeeper

Fangirls, about a week ago, Ross (the captain of #TeamNotFat) suggested a new run-tracking app to me. Runkeeper is a rad app that tracks your time and mileage and helps socialize your run.


I think it’s neat, because it feels more personal. The voice hat tells you your distance every 5 minutes (literally), is a human, and doesn’t sound as robotic as my Fitbit’s voice. It’s neat. I also find it interesting that they do the 5 minute intervals, versus distance intervals. But it does break up my time for me.

As much as I enjoy this app, though, I don’t need it. I feel like a jerk for getting it and just shrugging it off, but I don’t need 2 apps doing the same thing. I’d rather use my Fitbit app because that tracks my food intake and calories burned as well.

Runkeeper's dashboard.
Runkeeper’s dashboard.

But, if you don’t have a Fitbit, but want to track your run, this app is beyond amazing. It tells you distance, calories burned, pace, and even lets you take a photo at the end of your run (not that I ever want to broadcast my gross sweatiness to my friends). It’s also phenomenal, because it really pushes that social networking bit that a lot of people really need (I crave it, that’s why I have 5 Twitters and 4 Instagrams). I think the social aspect (you share each run to Facebook or Twitter) is a great way to keep everyone accountable.


I think Runkeeper is phenomenal, it just isn’t something I need. I highly suggest checking it out, especially if you’re looking to start running or keep yourself accountable. It has a little alarm / reminder system where it’ll remind you to go run at times that you set. It’s a great push.

Again, I can’t recommend Runkeeper enough. It’s free, and if you run enough, you can have access to their more intensive software, that costs money (but running enough  makes it free!). Definitely check it out.











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One thought on “Appdicted: Runkeeper

  1. Thanks for your review of this app! I have heard of it but haven’t tried it. I typically just use a garmin and track my miles on a spreadsheet since I don’t bring my phone with me while I run. But this is great! Have a good run today! 🙂

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