How to Ruin Everything: Essays by George Watsky

Fangirls, I love Watsky. I love his rap, his music, and his poetry. I think he speaks wonderfully and I’ve been to two of his concerts; one of which I cried after and the other I cried during.


Because he’s great. He’s intense and fast and meaningful and honest and more than anything, he’s open. That made me want to read his book so badly. So when I had a chance to go to Barnes and Noble, I grabbed it and held it close to me until I had the time to read it.

I didn’t cry during it, but I felt a lot. How To Ruin Everything is a beautiful mixture of essays about time on the road, epilepsy, being a fake adult, and just all the types of things I want to hear right now. And it was amazing. I can’t say much about plot, because it’s a series of real-life essays written by my favorite artist and it just made me feel good. I want to share it with everyone.

Reading essays isn’t always an experience to take in in just one go. But I did, because I couldn’t get enough. Though I’m leaving it with a friend for the next month, I can’t wait to have it back and pull quotes from it. To share his thoughts and illustrate his points. I’m excited to feel that similarity between us.

If you like George Watsky’s poems or raps, you’ll probably love his book. These essays will bring back single lines from his poetry and songs, making you feel even more connected to him, and that’s a phenomenal feeling. If you don’t like essays, this book may be your entrance to a new type of reading. If you don’t like reading, maybe you should listen to some of Watsky’s work; it’ll leave you with a hunger for more.

I loved it. I loved reading it. And I really think you should try it out.











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