Skin Firming & Toning Gel Cream by Nivea

Fangirls, I have a lot of self confidence issues. I have issues with my thighs a lot, especially. I know that thick thighs save lives and what not, but I don’t always feel that way. I walk and run often, and I eat quite well. But working out and eating well haven’t been destroying the cellulite in my thighs, and it’s really bumming me out. So I went back to a product that I used awhile back, in hopes that it would do the trick once more.


I started using Nivea’s Sking Firming & Toning Gel Cream again on May 26th. I remembered using it before, but couldn’t remember it’s name. When I googled it, I found that Nivea had the exact product I was looking for, and bought it as soon as I went to Ulta next. I was already having a relatively difficult day because I tried on (and ordered) a super cute swim suit that I didn’t feel super cute in. So when I saw Ulta’s buy one, get one half off on Nivea products, of course I grabbed 2.

They say results should start to show in about 2 weeks, so here we are. I’ve been working hard to feel better about myself because I had a wedding to go to last month, and I was nervous about summer attire with people that I care about and want to look nice for. My weight loss was visible to some of them, and my dress was long enough to cover any cellulite that would possibly be visible, but honestly, Nivea’s Cream took care of that.

This was the day that bought the firming cream, because I felt so cruddy about my legs trying on this swimsuit.
This was the day that bought the firming cream, because I felt so cruddy about my legs trying on this swimsuit.

Now, please remember that I have been working out and jogging pretty regularly, so the results may not be just from Nivea’s Cream, but I think it helped a lot. I felt more confident at the wedding, and feel like I can wear shorts without as much staring. My legs still jiggle; this product does not claim to reduce jiggle. But id gets rid of some of the dimpling that can occur on bodies with cellulite. As we’re all trying to attain that “perfect beach body,” this helped increase my confidence in wearing my swimsuit.


Please, Fangirls, remember that every body is a perfect beach body. My self confidence issues led to my purchase of this product, and it has definitely helped me to feel more confident about myself. If you have confidence issues because of dimples in your thighs and booty, Nivea’s Toning and Firming Cream may be helpful to you. But you should only purchase it if it is what you want. You’re perfect in every way already, Fangirls.











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