Cutie Corps Interview

Oh my goodness, Fangirls. Cutie Corps is the phenomenal creation of Nic ter Horst and Genevieve FT. These incredible artists got together to put out some great, body inclusive pin up art, and recently, we were lucky enough for them to Kickstart some gorgeous figures! I got to ask these two ladies some questions, and below are their answers.


What type of education did (each of) you go through?
Both of us went to school for Animation! Nic went through the program at Sheridan College and Gen went to Cégep du vieux Montréal.


How did the Cutie Corps start?
Cutie Corps was born out of our convention partnership! We loved working together, and decided to give ourselves an official name to operate under. We also wanted to help promote other artists who might not have the same visibility we have, as well as promote diversity of all kinds in pin up art! We talked about it, and almost immediately worked to start making it happen.

Genevieve FT's figure
Genevieve FT’s figure

What made you want to create figures?
We adore the figures made by some of our favourite artists, and the ones we enjoy most are the pin up ones! We were inspired by Bill Presing and Kevin Dart especially, as their very graphic designs translated so well to figures.


How did you choose these two poses/characters for the figures?
Both of our figures are from illustrations we did for our books – Nic’s is the cover of AdoraBelles volume 3, and Gen’s is from her cat girl book Minettes!


Is there a possibility for more figures, eventually?
We certainly hope so! There are no plans on the horizon right now, but people are certainly interested, and we’d put together an even better campaign next time around.

Nic ter Horst's figure
Nic ter Horst’s figure

How do you feel about the speed of the kickstarter goal being achieved? Did you expect it to happen so quickly?
Overwhelmed is probably the best word for it. We were both stuck to social media all day the day of the launch. That first day went by in a blur. We were in different places, so we were constantly furiously messaging each other every time the number increased. When we hit 100% we called each other and cried a little. We weren’t expecting that reaction at all.


You have a “coming soon” tier for one of your stretch goals, can you give any hints about what that may be?
We’d love to, but to be honest… we’re still trying to wade our way through what’s possible! We’ve been talking to our figure company and trying to find out what we can and can’t offer.


Will people be able to purchase the figures if they aren’t KS backers? What will the prices be?
Yes! Our first stretch goal was actually to make sure we’d be able to purchase extra figures. We’ll only have about 50 of each extra, maybe 100 if we can make enough money, and they’ll be roughly the same price as they are through the KS, maybe $10-20 more.


What is the time frame on the figures?
We’re hoping that the time frame won’t be too tight, and we’ll have the figures a month or so before our promised ship date. We’ll be sure to keep our backers up to date on the shipping process with getting them from our supplier, and then shipping them out. Our plan right now is to ship them out over our holidays while we’re on break from work.


What is (each of) your favorite medium?
: My favourite medium is definitely digital. I find traditional to be a little unweildly – but when I have to use it, I work with colerase and inks.

Gen: I love digital too. It’s faster and easier when you work with clients or want to make prints! But, I love inking on paper too! It makes the drawing special and unique!


Do (either of) you have any creating rituals?
: Not to my knowledge! I just kind of.. go. I guess I like to make sure that I’m rested and in the mood to sit down and work.

Gen: I can’t work in my pyjamas. People assume that’s what you do when you’re freelance… But no, I just can’t!


Do (either of) you have any advice for aspiring artists or creators?
: Create! Create more, create often. Whatever it is that you’re producing, the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it.

Gen: Like Nic says! Work as much as you can on your art! And work on things that makes you happy and on projects that you love!


Which cons are (each of) you attending?
We tend to travel together, so this year we’re finishing with San Diego Comic Con, Fan Expo Toronto, New York Comic Con, and Thought Bubble Fesitval in Leeds.


Anything else you’d like to share or plug?
The Kickstarter of course! We’re almost at the halfway point and still looking into ways to make it an even more enticing campaign! We’ll have all of our guest artwork released soon, so be on the lookout at!


Fangirls, all of my interactions with this incredible duo have been wonderful. Their kickstarter is still up and running for 20 more days, so you have time to order yourself a figure or two. These characters are gorgeous, as is all the art created by both Genevieve & Nic. I can not suggest highly enough that you support them in any way that you can; even if you just give them a follow on twitter, it’s well worth it (but if you’re following their social media, check out Nic & Genevieve’s instagrams too).

Their work is beautiful, as is that of other artists who add to the Cutie Corps. I can’t wait to see what’s next!



















All images, characters, and logos depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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