All New All Different Avengers #7

We’re in the middle of the Standoff, Fangirls. The Standoff is an event spreading itself throughout different series, as well as having it’s own series. So this issue of All New All Different Avengers as well as the next one takes place during the Standoff. Let’s dive in.

all new avengers 20

Again, look at this cover of beauty. Just by looking at the cover I’m ready to know more. I love it.

Ok, so, Standoff background. Maria Hill, director of SHIELD, claimed that a project code named Kobik had been shut down. The project was stated to allow authorities to use fragments of cosmic cubes to alter reality without public knowledge. Bad news bears right here. In the first issues of Standoff, we discover that the project hasn’t been shut down, but is going and being used to “reform” villains. Basically, villains get a new identity and their minds erased and then they live in a small town filled with “reformed” villains. Well, one of the “reformed” remembered and developed a machine to make everyone remember. Ok? Ready for this issue?

Jane and Sam are becoming closer outside of the Avengers. They discuss why she continues with the chemo even though every time she becomes Thor the transformation wipes out the progress made. She says it’s because as Thor she feels worthy to save those who need help, but as Jane she has to save herself. Sam doesn’t understand, he thinks she might be running for a warrior’s death and that the hammer is her key. And he promises to stop her if he ever thinks he’s right, because he doesn’t want her to give up. I LOVE these two becoming friends and possibly more than that. I absolutely love it.

all new avengers 21

Kamala is still reeling from being expelled from the Avengers when Vision shows up with a gift for her. It’s a VR helmet that lets her experience all of the Avengers history. Iron Man and Thor fly over the both of them and ask them to join the fight. Turns out, the fight is against a villain from the village where project Kobik was held. Maria Hill comes to take the villain away, not telling the Avengers what she’s up to. Tony gets a call from Sam, who is on his way to the village and wants some back up.

all new avengers 22

Maria takes them to Pleasant Hill, the village, and they find the Unity Squad (see Uncanny Avengers for that team) and a second Maria Hill. A fight breaks out between the Avengers and the Unity Squad. They all realize that something or someone is trying to keep them out of Pleasant Hill, and they fight their way in.

Or so they think. Someone is holding a snowglobe and shakes it to the point where our heroes are now the ones with the new lives in Pleasant Hill.

all new avengers 23

I love this Standoff event so much, and I love it digging its claws into the series I love.













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