EverStrong Thickening Conditioner by L’oreal

Alright you Fangirls with wild hair, lets get down to business. I’ve always struggled with maintaining my hair; I want it to be professional and cute, but also for it to function enough for me to be able to walk to work in the summer heat and humidity. It’s a lot to ask, I’m aware, but it’s something every curly-haired lady I know has dreamed of. When I saw a “thickening conditioner” up next in my sample box, I was a little worried. While my hair is thinner thanks to dyeing it, my curls don’t tend to do all that well with anything that adds thickness. It usually ends up in a massive frizz attack that is neither professional or cute.


Luckily, that’s not something I experienced with this thickening conditioner. I used EverStrong for a couple weeks, but it only took one wash for me to see results. My usual hair routine is to condition with one of 4 various conditioners each day, and shampoo once a week (I know that sounds crazy, but my hair ends up disgustingly greasy if I shampoo more often than that). I cycle through my conditioners so my hair doesn’t get too used to any one of them, which makes switching conditioners far easier in the long run.

So incorporating EverStrong into my routine was incredibly simple. I ended up using it every other day, cycling in my other conditioners on the opposite days, because it worked so well. Though I don’t believe it made my hair thicker, I do believe it made my hair far more manageable and radiant. I think this conditioner is beyond fabulous, and I’ll be grabbing some when I’m next out of conditioner. It smells fantastic and gets the job done, so what’s not to love?!











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