Secret Life of Pets

About a week and a half ago, I had the pure pleasure of going to the drive-ins with some of my friends. We had a low-key sort of goodbye party for me, and instead of doing it at someone’s house, we went to the drive-ins. There, we saw Secret Life of Pets and Tarzan. I fell asleep about half-way through Tarzan, but I loved Secret Life of Pets.


Secret Life of Pets is a great kids movie about a dog named Max, who freaks when his owner brings home a second dog. His first thought is to make the other dog look bad, but on their trip to the dog park with their dog walker (a job I would very much enjoy), the other dog (Duke) figures out a way to get rid of Max. Max ends up getting Duke lost as well, and they have to deal with everything from psychotic alley cats to a human-hating-hare in their attempts to get back to their home.


This movie is beyond fun. It’s hilarious (the alley cats are terrifyingly purrrrrfect) and there are some incredibly sincere moments throughout the movie as well. One of the things that made me genuinely want to see the movie was a prim and proper poodle being patted by his fancy owner as he left, only to switch the music from classical to heavy metal and spend his day head banging. I loved that in the commercials, and it came up numerous times in the movie.


Altogether, this movie had things for fans young an old. It struck me as similar to Toy Story’s premise, but with animals instead. I highly recommend it; it’s fun, shows love, and is a blast the whole movie long.












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