Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke

I think it’s pretty obvious that I really love girls reading comics. I find it so exciting when another female likes to read comics, because I love that instant camaraderie, having something that means so much to me in common with another lady. It’s phenomenal! At my neighbor’s Fourth of July party last week, one of their children pulled me inside and we had a nice conversation about comics (or Graphic Novels, which she prefers). I am not a big fan of parties, so this was a welcome distraction for all the reasons. She told me to wait a moment, and brought 3 books down; all graphic novels about Zita the Space Girl.


Not only did she show me her books, but she insisted that I borrow them. As someone who isn’t a fan of loaning books (I don’t trust anyone with my babies) I was beyond honored that she was loaning me these. When I got home that night I grabbed a couple of my own books that she may enjoy, and brought them to her house so she could check them out (Lumberjanes, Cleopatra in Space, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur were in the stack). I was excited to be sharing comics and graphic novels with someone who knew what she was about, and before her teen years. But I had to rush home, because I had some books to read too.


Zita the Space Girl (book one) follows a young girl named Zita as she is sucked into a portal and is forced to try to find her captured friend. On her way she meets some incredibly unlikely friends, and they work together toward a common goal; saving Joseph and getting off planet. It was great to read this first book. It’s a fun romp through space, but it has some very serious spots that don’t get too preachy. It’s the best kind of good; the all-ages type.

I think Hatke did a phenomenal job with this. It’s a strong, well structured story that has appeal for all sorts of age groups, and is just all around rad. I had a blast reading the first one, and I can’t wait to read the other two I have on loan. Thank you to my ever lovely neighbor for lending them to me, and I hope you enjoy yours as well!











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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