Lava Lamp Bath Bomb by Lush

Oh man, I’m back at the Lush stuff. I’ve honestly been struggling not to purchase things from Lush because I have such a ridiculous amount of beauty products, but I grabbed this as part of my post 5k reward a month or so ago. It was the only thing I picked up that day, and I’m quite proud of that, because there is a Lush far closer to where I will be living in Maryland, and I’m looking forward to frequenting it once I’ve made it through the products I have now.


I grabbed the Lava Lamp that day because while everything in Lush smells godlike (seriously; when scratch ‘n sniff becomes a thing you can do on the internet, Lush’s sales will tenfold), this smelled even better than the things I was used to. A product I had never seen before, it smells exactly like a creamsicle. It has bright, tangy, citrus scents throughout it, and it’s beyond amazing. So I grabbed that instead of the Guardians of the Forest that I’ve been considering for a bit.

When I dropped it in the tub, the scent took over my entire bathroom; it was beyond phenomenal. And I quickly learned why it’s named after a Lava Lamp; the little purple dots on the top are actually bath melts, so they melt on the surface of the water (which takes longer than the bath bomb itself to dissolve), looking a whole lot like it’s namesake.


I had never used a bath melt before, so I got double new items in one product. Though my skin became incredibly soft, it also felt a bit oily (because there are oils in the bath melts). That part wasn’t my favorite, but I’m still incredibly happy that I purchased the Lava Lamp.


Whether you’re an old fan or a brand-spankin’-new Lushie, I can not recommend this bath bomb enough. It’s scent was bewitching and it made me all nice and relaxed (which maybe was silly since I had to get ready and go to work afterwards. Well worth it, though! If you’re interested in finding a Lava Lamp of your own, I recommend using the Lush Locator (so you can smell it for yourself), or if your closest lush is an hour away, you can order it here! Happy bathing!











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