Stranger Things

Holy crud, have you seen this? If you haven’t, plop your booty in front of you TV because it’s time to bingewatch about 8 hours of pure awesome. I’ll wait.


Done? Okay. This show is something that though I didn’t expect to enjoy (and wouldn’t have watched it on my own), was recommended to me by over 10 people in a very short amount of time, and I took that recommendation. It’s a wild spooky story about some very impressive children.


Set in 1980’s Hawkins, Indiana, Stranger Things is a terrifyingly intent story of a lost child. When Will goes missing in a relatively small town, everyone starts looking. They find small hints, but his mother (Winona Ryder) gets a lot more. She hears him in the phone, and eventually he shows himself to her in different ways. As they worry that she is losing her mind, a new child shows up in a hospital gown.

Death seems to follow this small girl with a shaved head. Her only knowledge of a name is 11, a tattoo on her wrist. She ends up banded together with Will’s friends in hopes of finding him, and where she belongs.


Strangerthings2As the story goes on, things get weirder and weirder. I don’t want to spoil it, but this is a show that’s best watched with the lights on. It’s spooky in a way that I didn’t think I could enjoy, and if it weren’t set in the ’80s, it would lose a lot of it’s fear and logic. If it were set now, there would be cell phones with cameras making it far too easy to explain the stranger things happening in Hawkins.

I can not recommend this show highly enough, though it is maybe not for the faint of heart. It is a scary show. I wanted to watch the entire thing in one night because I needed a resolution. But I can’t tell you if you’ll get one; you’ll have to watch it for yourself.












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