Scarlet Witch #4

Once again, Fangirls, I am playing Comic Catch up. I’m starting with Scarlet Witch. Last time we saw Wanda, she entered the Witches’ Road and encountered the Scarlet Witch.

scarlet witch 11

She learns the woman she’s encountered is Natalya Maximoff, her true born mother. Wanda’s companion Agatha warns her against revealing who she truly is, as time on the Road is clearly not like time in the world. Natalya senses that she must help Wanda fight something incredibly powerful.

scarlet witch 12

They travel the Witches’ Road together, learning about each other. Natalya saves Wanda from a monster on the road….and fades away. Well, wait. Why did we meet her only for her to disappear?

Wanda discovers that the name Scarlet Witch has been passed down in her family for generations. Which is a really cool revelation. I want to know more about that. Can we please meet Natalya again?

Anyway, Agatha figures out who is behind all the evil magic Wanda has been encountering just as Wanda receives a vision. The warlock is named Declan Dane. Declan has been avoiding meeting Wanda until he felt strong enough to face her. Declan tells her his motivation; apparently an ancestor of his was a sorceress who was defeated in Ireland, and he declared revenge. He gained power by first killing his brothers and taking their powers. He ended the bloodlines of those who attacked the sorceress and gained his way into Ireland to take his final revenge.

As he talks, Wanda lures him down the road to where she will be strongest. They battle, and he escapes, declaring himself her archenemy. As Wanda returns to Dublin, she receives a message of grave warning; a flock of hooded crows foretelling the coming of a banshee.

scarlet witch 13

I don’t know what to say. I loved the expansion of the Scarlet Witch title. I want to learn more about that history. I hope the next issue goes into that more.









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