First Full Week

Alright Fangirls. Last week was too wild for a journal entry, so this week we’re doing two; one today, and one on Friday. I expect this week to be slightly less incredibly full than last week was, but honestly, who knows at this point.

Keep Beach City Weird

So last week was full of firsts; first anniversary with my boyfriend, first days at my new job, first days as an intern, first breakdown in a new home. It was incredibly overwhelming. I started my job last Monday; my job is to help prepare for flu season, so I pack boxes full of flu vaccination supplies to send to nurses. It has the potential to become crazy monotonous, but so far, it’s been okay. My boss is someone that I’ve known for about 3 years now, so that helps keep conversation flowing and the monotony to a dull roar. I enjoy it, because it’s a relatively casual dress code, simple tasks, and I work with my friend.

Our anniversary was a blast. We went to Rehoboth, Delaware, because it’s kind of what Beach City from Steven Universe is based on. It was disgustingly hot (sweat literally dripping down our legs), but we had a ton of fun. We had pizza, bought taffy, played for quite some time at the arcade, and left with some tasty caramel popcorn. On Sunday, we went to my boy’s parents’ house so I could meet his maternal grandparents and uncle. They are wonderful people, and though I was crazy nervous about it, I ended up feeling right at home.

Connie & Steven at the arcade!
Connie & Steven at the arcade!

I also started my internship with Super Art Fight last week, on Friday. They had their second stand-alone Unleashed show (and 18+, no photos or videos deal) on Friday. It was my job to make sure the social media was updated, and that the show was live-tweeted (something I think I excel at). I was told that I did my job well, and that was a total relief; I was worried about being too inappropriate on a business Twitter.

Sadly, all of the stressors of work and food and life added up to one big panic attack last week. I have been struggling a lot more with body image, because I haven’t been running or even walking as much as I’m used to. I went for a short run early in the week, but it was cut short after I heard a gunshot and saw that a man had shot a deer in a residential area, with a pistol. That was hard to deal with on many levels, but my main concern quickly became, “but what if someone like him sees me running and just assumes that they can kill that deer?” It isn’t something I really want to test. So I have to figure out another way to get my movement in. The panic attack was very bad; I don’t remember the end part of it, either because of exhaustion or mental instability. I need to do more to find good coping methods and ways to calm myself.

We had a pretty full weekend, with both the Unleashed Show and a late dinner and drinks with friends. Yesterday we worked on dealing with our PS4 not really working, and that was a huge fight (with the PS4, not between us). But Saturday I got a phenomenal camera!

Look at this beauty.
Look at this beauty.

Meal planning has yet to become a serious thing. Yesterday we did some grocery shopping for 2 meals that I will be making this week, and I’m excited to try them. I want to do more, but the boy and I have such different schedules that it’s tough. I struggle to wait until 9pm to eat, and I think he does too. But we’ll eat together at trivia tomorrow night, and twice during the week with these meals. I’ll be making tortilla pizzas and bomb looking tacos (from a book that came from the wonderful SuperDanMario).

It was a lot, last week. I’m working on writing some articles ahead of time, so that I have less stress, and I’m glad I’m getting back on track with that. I can not wait to have a well established schedule, and let things flow a bit more easily. I’ll have updates for you again on Friday, Fangirls, but until then I hope you have a phenomenal week and a great day!

Some of what came home from Beach City with us.
Some of what came home from Beach City with us.












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