Game of Thrones Part 5 (Part 1)

The day has come. The day I never saw coming. I have been reading A Dance with Dragons for literally months. Months, Fangirls. During those months, life decided to get hella busy and it has taken me forever. But it is done. I have finished the book. So, without any further ado, let’s talk about it.


So. Much. Happened. This book is, in the paperback form I own, 1,051 pages long. And those 1,051 pages are filled with everything that happened during and a little bit after A Feast for Crows. We saw all the characters outside of King’s Landing and the mainland area. These include Jon Snow, Theon Greyjoy, Tyrion, and my queen Daenerys. We also get some new characters, including one chapter from Melissandre the red priestess and some new ones from Asha Greyjoy as she hides from her remaining family.

In Winterfell, where Theon is busy being Reek or being tortured when he forgets his name (Reek), I really truly started to feel sympathy for him and like him. In book one, he was such a cocky jerk who was all about sex and he just bothered me. Now I want to take him as far away from the monster that is Ramsey Bolton and wrap him up until he remembers what happiness and love is.

Ramsey Bolton is a true monster. If you hate Joffrey, get ready because Ramsey Bolton is about 5 million trillion billion times worse (I know that’s not a real number but trust me on this). I hate him so much. He’s disgusting, pure evil, and psychotic – literally.

In the complete opposite direction, Jon Snow quickly became one of my favorite characters ever.He was thrust into ruling the Wall at a really young age, and all he wants to do is bring peace between the Wildlings and the men of the Wall while also saving as many people from the coming winter as possible. Jon Snow is so innocent while also not innocent. He wants to help as many people even though he knows the costs of that desire. And to top it off, he sent his most loyal man, Samwell, away to be trained as a maester. Oh Jon, you truly know nothing.

Along those lines, my poor Daenerys. She just wants to see everyone freed, and she’s almost willing to sacrifice everything for it. Her dragons have grown almost too large to control. She knows she has to turn to Westeros but she doesn’t have the means. And getting the abilities to move along might mean giving up everything she believes in.

Alongside all of these well known characters, we get several new ones that I won’t spoil here. But I will say I cannot wait to see what becomes of Griff and his group.

Towards the end of this book, we get one Jamie chapter, three Cersei chapters, and a couple Arya chapters. And to be honest, I didn’t mind them this time. Cersei’s walk of shame is supposed to be a powerful moment in the show, and reading it I can see why and how. One character we didn’t get more of is Sansa, and she’s the one I desperately want more of.

I love this series. It might take me forever to read them, but they are everything I want in fantasy action. And now I join in the wait for The Winds of Winter. 











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