A-Force #6

Welcome back to another episode of Amanda-catches-up-on-comics. It’s been a lengthy one today – I fell really behind. But I’m finally having time to catch up so here we go with A-Force #6.

a-force 29

Last we saw, our team had joined forces with Thor!Dazzler to take down a particularly terrible villain, one who has taken Nico under mind control. Looks like she didn’t just take Nico, she’s taken an entire town and imprisoned the rest of the A-Force. She’s made Nico take away all of their powers, and even though She-Hulk knows Nico wants to fight it, she can’t.

The Countess arrives and forces Nico to turn Jennifer into a full grown Hulk. Luckily, this breaks them out of the jail cell they were in. As She-Hulk leaves, the other regain their abilities and Singularity returns. Jennifer’s plan to wear Nico thin seems to be working.

a-force 30

They stop She-Hulk just as Nico is forced to cast another spell on them, one that would kill them all. And that’s how issue 6 ends.

Once this storyline is over, I really hope Thor!Dazzler sticks around. I want as many amazing women on this team as possible.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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