Too Many Things

To say this week has been eventful would be a massive understatement. I feel very deserving of a laid back weekend, but I know that we aren’t staying home tomorrow because one of the roommates is having a Madden party, and bathroom trips in my pjs in front of a bunch of dudes I don’t know isn’t really my gig. So the crazy won’t be ending just yet (as cliché as it is, I think it’s just starting.


Last weekend was busy but wonderful. I went for a nice 6 mile hike with Brandon and his beautiful pup, went to see Kubo with my friends Sam & Marty, and spent Sunday with my friend Jamie, thrift shopping. I had a blast all weekend; I got to eat all sorts of good food, hang out with amazing friends, and then come home and watch Game Grumps with my boy. It’s wonderful because when I was just visiting, everything felt super rushed; we never went to movies because sitting in a dark place not talking for 2-3 hours feels like a waste of the brief time we had together, and hanging out with friends wasn’t a priority because he was a priority. Now I can have my cake and eat it too, and I feel so damn lucky.


The work week started off relatively normal, but on Tuesday I started experiencing upper rib pain and shortness of breath. I was brought home early from work with instructions to take it easy and eat some comfort food. So I did; I napped and ate all afternoon. Being the stubborn human that I am, I went in for a full shift on Wednesday, but when my mother (a long-time nurse and caregiver who hates going to the doctor) was told of my pain and symptoms suggested I visit an urgent care or doctor’s office, I got scared. She’s not a huge proponent of doctor offices because they’re expensive and it sucks. But after work we went to an urgent care facility.

There, after peeing in a cup and being told I needed a snack, they gave me some serious news. The doctor said that there were two possibilities, muscle strain or blood clot. Sadly, the urgent care didn’t have the ability to check for blood clots in house, and since blood clots can be deadly, he highly suggested I go to the ER. That was a lot to take in; my insurance isn’t great so I knew that a lot of it would be very expensive, and that scared me. Also, hospitals scare me. But we went, because dying is far more scary than bills or hospitals.


I spent about 7 hours in the emergency room. I had blood tests, x-rays, and a cat scan. I got antsy and frustrated; I was hungry and thirsty and the pain medication helped a bit, but not all of the way. At about 12:45am, the doctor who had been treating me came in to tell me that there was no blood clot and my muscles were stressed. I was to take a day off of work, go easy for the rest of the week, and take 3 doses of ibuprofen a day until I was back feeling 100%. That was a lot to take in, after so long of sitting on a bed, hooked up to 3 machines.

I’m grateful it wasn’t a clot. I was incredibly scared that I was going to get seriously devastating news. I spent yesterday playing Pokémon and Ratchet & Clank, eating garbage, and relaxing. It was good, but kind of boring. I’ve gotten into a weekday routine of “get up, get ready, work, make dinner, see the boy, relax till sleep” and it’s a good one. Not adhering to that routine was tough because I was bored and wishing to go places and do things. But being prescribed relaxing made that not an option.

Today I’m going to work. I’m tired, but ready to be moving all day instead of laying around. Tomorrow I think I’m going to play with Brandon and the pup in the park, then Rob and I will go get my Maryland ID, and then we’re going to a place called dinosaurland to look at cruddy dinosaur statues. Let’s hope it goes smoothly.












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