Game of Thrones Parts 4 & 5 (Part 2)

Ok, Fangirls, I’ve finally gotten through seasons 4 and 5 of Game of Thrones. I’ll be honest, between having little time and being irritated by a few things within the show, it was a struggle. I’m going to break this up and discuss each season individually.

Season 4:

got s4

Overall, season 4 wasn’t the worst. It does mark the beginning of the immense deviation from the book. In fact, one of my notes while watching it was literally “book, what book?” With some of the changes it felt like they completely forgot what their source material was. They had Bran actually encountering Jon Snow (nope), Sam telling Jon that Bran was alive and beyond the Wall (nope), killing Jojen in the middle of his storyline (nope), and the worst to me was Brienne’s story being rewritten so as not to have my favorite plot twist in the books, Lady Stoneheart. How can you just leave out Lady Stoneheart?? I was so shocked by the moment when I read it I had to stop reading and pick my jaw up. And the show is just going to ignore it? Why?

There was one change that is incredibly redeeming in my book though, and that’s Grey Worm’s storyline. Grey Worm is the leader of the Unsullied, one of Daenerys’ armies.They’re a group of men who are taken as children, castrated, and forced to become the strongest most loyal army out there. Daenerys becomes their queen, and Grey Worm steps up as their leader. In the books, the Unsullied remain like emotionless robots, very cold and calculating. In the show, starting with Grey Worm learning what it could mean to love someone, the writers are giving them an actual storyline. So, the writers have earned a little redemption.

Season 5

got s5

And here, the writers try to lose my redemption. Overall, it’s the same stories from the books, except for some major major differences. Cersei and Margaery’s struggle remains, Jon Snow still wants to save all of the Wildings from the coming winter, and Dany is still having trouble learning how to lead. Ramsey Bolton still deserves to die in a fiery pit, Stannis is still an odd character who I can’t decide if I like or not (definitely like him more in the books, why would he kill his own daughter, what the hell writers), and Arya still wants to become a servant of the Many Faced God. Great. Now let’s talk differences.

Number one, Jamie going to Dorne to save Myrcella. Actually, you know what, all of Dorne. All of it. Yes, the Sand Snakes are still badasses, yes I love the prince (especially since he’s played by Julian Bashir from DS9), but they all had a whole amazing storyline in the books. There was a whole plot to help win the throne. Prince Doran sent his son away supposedly as a ward but in reality to go and find Danaerys to align her with their house and use the strength of the Dornish people to help a Targaryen reclaim the throne. Now, granted, in the books Prince Queynten is an idiot, but come on. Again, reading the books that was one of my favorite plot points.

Number two, the Targaryens as a whole. Let’s start with Dany who uses her dragons to intimidate the leaders of Meereen and lets one of the dragons kill and eat one of the leaders to show the intimidation. ABSOLUTELY NOT WRITERS. NOPE NO WAY NO HOW. Dany is heartbroken every time her dragons kill someone. EVERY. TIME. She keeps them hidden so that they won’t kill. WHY WOULD YOU HAVE HER USE THEM TO KILL? SO out of character. I don’t understand.

This can be 2.5 as it still deals with Targaryens. In the books, and this is a big spoiler alert for the books, Tyrion comes across a second living Targaryen. During the Great War, two children were supposedly killed as babies. But the boy was smuggled away and it was a different baby Tywin Lannister killed. There is a second Targaryen. And I hope, within the books, the two Targaryens find each other and work together to reclaim the Iron Throne. Guess who doesn’t exist in the show as of season 5? That’s right, the second Targaryen. Again, let’s eliminate one of my favorite storylines, shall we?

Number three, Meereen’s villains the Sons of the Harpy. In the book, they are like shadows striking and killing at night, making them more dangerous and more feared. In the show, the whole army of them come out and fight in daylight (multiple times so multiple nope) and kill Barristan Selmy, who doesn’t die in the books. In fact, he’s the only one Dany trusts by the end of the book. And the show basically replaces Barristan with Tyrion, who hasn’t met Dany in the books yet. I will admit, the Sons of the Harpy appearing in the fighting pit is a good scene to me because it brings Jorah Mormony back into Dany’s good graces and I always loved Jorah. Plus he and Daario work together and I do love Daario.

Ok, last but not least, I will briefly touch on the great controversy of season 5, Sansa Stark. In the books, Sansa has a plan to retake Winterfell that doesn’t involve her being tortured by Ramsey Bolton. And I love this plan because it will still allow Sansa to kill everyone and become Queen of Winterfell, as she should. Of course, in the books, Ramsey still marries and tortures a poor woman, Jeyne Poole under the guise of Arya Stark. Now, having it be Sansa in the show could potentially make it more emotional for fans as she’s an established and beloved character. But, writers of the show, it should be emotional for fans of the show no matter who you have Ramsey marry because (language warning) he is an evil fucktard who must be thrown into a pit of dragons and fire and die a slow painful death. So, writers of the show, would it really have been THAT hard to let Sansa’s story stay Sansa’s story and hire a new actress and introduce Jeyne Poole?

Overall, season 5 was the hardest to get through. So many unnecessary changes. No reasons for these changes. It’s just disappointing. And from what I’ve heard of season six, that’s basically a fan service, making all fans dreams come true. I won’t be watching season six until I read book six. And so the waiting game begins.












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