Nerds Gotta Eat at The Iron Rooster

We all know that I love food. I’ve been trying my best (not to the highest success) to get into meal planning, but sometimes you spend a day with friends and you finish it off with dinner. That happened last week when my friend Jamie and I went thrift shopping for some new(ish) clothes. We did our ridiculous amount of thrift shopping, went to the bank, and saw a place called the Iron Rooster next door. It resides in a very full strip mall (with wonderful things like Ulta and Target), tucked into the corner. All of their stuff says “all day” on it, and you want to know why? It’s because these guys know whats up, and they serve breakfast all day.


There is nothing that gets me pumped like a phenomenal brinner, let me tell you. So we went over, got a table, and were instantly in love. The entire building looks like a barn; lots of wood, incredibly high ceilings, and they have extra seating above their kitchen, like a hay loft! It’s ridiculously cute. Things got better and better as we were handed our amazing looking menus by our incredibly kind waiter. There were lots of options (which isn’t always easy with two vegetarians), and we both settled on breakfast foods. Jamie got a short stack (3) pancakes with bananas on top, and I got their french toast with strawberries and powdered sugar on top, along with an Iron Crush (freshly squeezed orange juice, sprite, orange vodka, and possibly something else).


It was delicious, all of it. We sampled each others’ meals, and I was astounded at how filling both things were. Jamie could only eat 1/3 of her stack (it was fluffy and dense at the same time…how?!) but I polished mine off. I was worried that it wouldn’t be enough, but it was.


I loved every bite I took. The strawberries were fresh, the toast was perfect in a way I didn’t know it could be, and there was just enough alcohol in my drink to give me a little buzz. Both of our brinners came with maple bourbon butter, which (though I’m not a butter fan) was astounding.

The food, drinks, and service were all phenomenal, and I can’t wait to take the boy there. If you’re ever in Baltimore, get your butt to Canton to check out Iron Rooster’s all day breakfast (and other things that look equally delicious). You can also take a quick look at their menu offerings here.











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