It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

Here we are with another sample! Number 5 today, but like the name says, it’s a 10. I was very skeptical, because not only does it claim to be a “10,” but it says it’s a miracle spray. That’s a big part of why it took me so long to get to this one was full on skepticism. But I tried it, and was super into it!


It’s a 10 is an awesome spray that reduces frizz and helps your hair be super chill. I’ve always struggled with having my hair be presentable during summer, since it’s humid as heck and my hair is curly. I hate how frizzy it can be, and I get frustrated with the frizz and everything. It’s tough.


This is one of the samples that I will definitely be buying, once I’m out, because it works phenomenally. I have walked around, gone to work, kayaked, and just dealt with the humidity, to come home to a relatively nice looking head of hair. I think that proves that this actually is a 10, and in some ways, a miracle spray.











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