Scarlet Witch #5

So. Wanda has an archenemy. It turns out that the title of Scarlet Witch has been passed down through the Maximoff bloodline for generations. And a banshee might be coming. Let’s jump into issue five then, shall we?

scarlet witch 14

First thing, I love this cover. It’s beautiful. The art style in this series keeps changing, and it’s getting confusing. I wish there was a consistent art style for this. Ok, into the issue we go.

I’m very lost. Issue 4 ended with her forseeing a banshee but now we’re with Wanda in Spain? She’s there helping a priest and a nun with a problem. A vineyard that was once a nunnery during the Inquisition and is now being haunted. Anyone who enters and speaks will be possessed. Wanda figures out that those who are possessed are so by the old nuns who took a vow of silence and have returned as spirits to take vengeance. They possess those who break the vow of silence. With all this information, Wanda goes in to save the day.

scarlet witch 15

I think over the next few pages she sees visions and uses spells to fight them? There’s no speaking or thoughts or anything, so I’m guessing here. It seems that she puts the spirits to rest and saves everyone who was possessed.

After the fight she talks to the nun about what happened. It seems there was one main soul of an angry witch who was burned by the inquisition who has been taking revenge for centuries. And Wanda set her soul, along with all of the souls she trapped, free. And that’s the end.

I did not enjoy this issue, if I’m being honest. The art seemed like a step back from what it had been. The story did not connect in any way to what’s been happening in the series. It felt like an odd one-shot that just didn’t fit. I hope issue 6 is better than this.










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