Meal Planning: Success!

We did the thing, Fangirls! The boy and I had a wonderfully lazy weekend since it was a long one, then spent a good part of Monday (that lovely extra day off) figuring out which meals to make, grocery shopping, then actually making them!


We had to work relatively quickly on Monday because our roommates were out for the weekend, and we didn’t know when they would be back. It’s tough to have both my boyfriend and I in our tiny kitchen; adding a third would be next to impossible, and not at all enjoyable. Plus I’m a big jerk who doesn’t like sharing the kitchen in general (I’m used to either cooking alone, or arguing and getting frustrated with whoever I’m cooking with). So it was bound to be frustrating.

I started by going through three cookbooks, finding a couple recipes (snacks and meals) that I would like, then showing them to Rob (he was measuring our ridiculous amount of art). We agreed on 7 recipes (wow), made a grocery list (which he said I need to do better at), and headed out.

We got all of the items on our list for about $90; that splits down to $45 each, and for the amount of food it makes, is really good. Go us. I’ve been feeling weirdly sugar mama-esque because his card was stolen so he hasn’t had a debit/credit card at all, and I’ve been buying everything. It’s weird, since we usually split things (and he is paying me back for half).

Once shopping was completed, we went home, and got started. We first washed our hands and all of the supplies we were going to use (dishes, mixing utensils, the like) because items aren’t always 100% clean. Also, any dishes/bakeware that I have lives in our room because there isn’t a ton of space in the kitchen (or any common areas). So rather than praying that there’s no hair in our food, we wash our dishes more than once. Next month it should be slightly less effort.

We prepped and made spinach lasagna first (which I think I’m going to have today for lunch), and while that was in the oven, we started on zucchini bread (a recipe from his mother), which turned out beautifully; we have a loaf and muffins for on the go zucchini times. Then, while those were finishing up, we started on that night’s dinner; sloppy joes. These took up a ton of space because not only did we have other stuff cooling on almost all of the available counter space, but he eats meat and I don’t, so we had 2 proteins on the stove, along with the broth that was being made.

Sloppy Joes and Spinach Lasagna!
Sloppy Joes and Spinach Lasagna!

We ended up only making those options that night, but Tuesday morning I made a rad breakfast (that I will be sharing with you next week), and due to limited space, some of our other recipes will have to wait. But I think it was an incredibly successful night; the things I have eaten so far (sloppy joes, breakfast, and zucchini muffins) were delicious, and I’m really excited to sink into that lasagna today.

If you have any further meal planning or recipe suggestions, feel free to comment them below, or email them to me at!











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