Battling Boy Book One by Paul Pope

First up, can we just appreciate all that alliteration? Okay, thanks. Awhile back, the boy and I went to our friends Marty & Sam’s apartment. There, we had a lovely evening playing Cards Against Humanity and hanging out. Since they know our roommates are leaving soon and we don’t have a ton of stuff, they graciously have us some helpful kitchen items (pie plates, aprons, etc) along with a slew of books. They gave us things that they were planning on donating, so they didn’t take much of a loss because of it. But we grabbed a ton of their stuff because “free books” is my favorite phrase, and I didn’t have my own pie plate. One of the books we got was Battling Boy, and it was the first of the comics from them that we received. I blindly reached into the trunk one night for a book to read, and out it came.


Battling Boy is set in a strange dystopia where monsters come out when the street lights come on, and child snatching gangs join them. After the demise of Haggard West (hometown hero) a strange boy shows up, blasting a monster with his apparent lightening powers. At a parade in his honor, monsters attack once more, and Battling Boy doesn’t use his lightening power.

The Asgardian style parents of Battling Boy.
The Asgardian style parents of Battling Boy.

The good folks of Arcopolis learn that he doesn’t use the lightening because he can’t; his father knew he was having issues with a monster, so he blew it up with lightening (this family has a very strong Thor feel to it; they live in the cosmos, his dad looks Viking-ish, and has lightening powers, the whole nine). This is (obviously) not what the town folk want to hear, and they become a bit dissatisfied with Battling Boy. But he has bigger fish to fry.

The general of the child-snatching gang, Sadisto, has gone to his master to explain why half of the gang is missing. The master, upon hearing about Battling Boy, decides he wants BB brought to him, unscathed, as he has much use for a boy that strong. Of course there’s far more detail, but that’s where this first book ends.

I’m really excited to continue reading this series. I’m hopeful that there are other books of it in this magical trunk of books, but if not, I’ll be picking more up. The art is a little different from what I’m used to, but I still really enjoy it. I highly recommend it, and can’t wait to get my hands on the next one!










All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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