A-Force #7

So, things aren’t looking great for our wonderful team as we enter issue 7 of A-Force. Two are under mind control and the rest are drowning. Please let this all end happily.

a-force 31

The issue opens with Nico breaking free and healing her friends, which is great. And She-Hulk has broken free of the mind control as well. So everything is almost good. Almost. Jennifer comes up with a plan to stop The Countess once and for all.

The two Dazzlers have another heart to heart as they realize they both have the same disease killing them. Thor!Dazzler tells the rest of the team that she is infected before they put the plan into action.

a-force 32

The plan begins with Thor!Dazzler calling The Countess out, saying either they fight or she will forever be know as a coward. What villain can turn that down?

The team distracts The Countess as they work to rescue Nico from her powers. Nico reveals The Countess’ weaknesses and that she is obsessed with Nico and her powers. Nico sees herself as a liability, while Jennifer sees her as a new plan.

Sadly, Countess still has both Dazzlers. Thor!Dazzler gets knocked unconscious, but luckily our Dazzler is worthy of her hammer and fights back.

a-force 33

Suddenly, five Nicos appear before The Countess, hoping to overwork her. They show her the power of good and light, when all The Countess has known is dark. She disappears after this revelation.

Sadly, Thor!Dazzler dies in Alison’s arms. As the others try to give reassurances and help, Dazzler reveals that her own fate won’t be so different and falls into the arms of her teammates.

a-force 34

Carol asks the team for help, if they’ll still stick together. And luckily, they will. Please don’t let the new Civil War arc destroy this team, they are my actual favorite.











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