Nars Lip Pencil Sample

Okay, so I was at my girl Sam’s house the other day, taking in a load of her old stuff (books and kitchenware) when she let me know that she also had some make up sample stuff that I was welcome to. Since she frequents the Sephora website as much as I do, she had some samples that didn’t really suit her needs. One was this perfect Nars lip pencil that I triple checked that she didn’t want (she has a full size one) before greedily shoving it into my purse.


So before I talk about how rad this lip pencil is, let’s talk about size (raises eyebrows awkwardly for ten years). It is almost as big as a full size one. Do you see that?! It’s wild. So Sephora I want you to know that I will gladly take any Nars samples you want to send my way FOREVER.


Now that we got through the whole lie that is size doesn’t matter (in lipstick), let’s get to the business. This sweet, not so little number is wonderful. I haven’t bought a lot of Nars lipstick only because I have a lot of lipstick (too much, some would say). But this pencil is easily in my new top 5, having booted out its slightly larger, berry colored counterpart.

Nars lip crayons are smooth as ice; they go on quickly and easily, don’t smear terribly, and stay for all the eating and drinking you do with that purty mouth of yours. Seriously, this stuff stays and requires pretty minimal reapplication (says a girl who constantly reapplied lipstick while drinking smoothies because STRAWS ARE THE ENEMIES OF LIPSTICK).


In reality, Nars is not the least expensive brand. A full size version of this pencil is about $26, which can sometimes be a lot to stomach. But, I think that a great lipstick with strong pigment (and tons of colors to choose from) is totally worth it. So when you’re ready for a new lipstick, give this pencil a try. It’s smooth and perfect and this red is simply to kill for.











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