Action Hospital by Dave Baker & Friends

Fangirls, I bought a good deal of stuff at SPX this year, but I think I did a good job not buying too much stuff. One of the most bizarre (in a good way, of course) things that I bought is this massive book called Action Hospital. Thought it’s written by one person, there are many artists illustrating different parts and different characters. It’s beautiful and strange, and I loved it.


Action Hospital is set in the future where there are all sorts of different races and species. It focuses around a couple characters (Joan, Sibling, Younger, and Robin, for the most part), and how their stories intertwine. It is definitely not the easiest book I have read, but it was incredibly interesting.

Since this is not just one character’s story, there is conflict and rising action all over the place. I think that was the most difficult thing I found in reading it; no one shared a climax. It’s strange to think of it this way, but many stories have an introduction, rising action, conflict, resolution, falling action, and conclusion. Action Hospital has all of those things, but they’re at very different times and the characters are so different from each other that it’s a bit difficult to relate their stories other than what they’re doing in that moment together.


Though this was a more difficult read, I desperately enjoyed it. I loved the many art styles and how well they lended to different parts of the story and highlighting a specific character. I also thought it was just lovely to see so many different characters interacting throughout the book, and wondering how they will do together or individually.

I had some difficulty reading Action Hospital, but I really enjoyed it. I’m very excited to read it again; it seems like something that will get easier as I become more familiar with it, and I think you should get familiar with it too. You can start the webcomic here.













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