Nerds Gotta Eat: Pumpkin Whipped Cream

Alright Fangirls, I’ve got to be honest with you; this originally wasn’t going to be about whipped cream. At first, I read a recipe about peanut butter mousse that was super simple, and though to myself, hey, let’s make this all about Halloween, and just do pumpkin but guess what. Pumpkin doesn’t turn into mouse as easily as I hoped. But I had the ingredients to make whipped cream, and also waffles, so I did that!



To make some deliciously spooky pumpkin whipped cream, you’ll need:
1c Heavy Cream
4tbs 100% Pure Pumpkin Puree
3-4tbs Sugar (until your consistency is right)

Whipping cream is probably the easiest thing you can do, unless you don’t have a mixer. I used a small hand mixer, but when you have to whisk it, you better be prepared for a workout. If you have a hand mixer though, you’re set.


Start by mixing your pumpkin puree and heavy cream until they’re totally mixed. Your mixture should be a relatively pale orange, and there should be no place where it is just pumpkin puree. Then, add your sugar until it gets to a proper whipped cream texture, and enjoy!

I was really bummed about this not turning into mousse like I had hoped, but I’m still incredibly pleased with the way it turned out. I put in on waffles instead of syrup and wooooo boy, it is something. It’s incredibly sweet, but so dang tasty. Try it out for yourself, and add some pumpkin to all of your days this fall!












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