I haven’t been as on top of things as I’d like to be. The past couple of weeks I have been struggling pretty ferociously with my depression and anxiety. It didn’t go as far as I wanted it to at the time, and now I’m grateful for that.

We leave for Disneyland on Monday, and I’m really excited but also nervous. I’m scared that the boy won’t like it, or he and Cassandra won’t get along, or also that everything will just go wrong. There’s a possibility of encountering my phobia, and that is also stressing me out. But I keep telling myself that it’s time for a vacation. I both need and deserve it. I get to see one of my best friends during the week, then another as soon as I come home, and then a third the following weekend when we road trip to New York to grab some of my stuff.

Today is the boy’s birthday, so I’m trying out a new recipe for dinner and a cheater thing for dessert. I’ve already given him presents because I couldn’t wait until this evening to do so.

I’m overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that has to be done this weekend. We’ve got to pack for California, clean the apartment (with a vacuum and rug doctor and the whole nine), re-sign our lease, make sure we have toiletries for next week, make sure our food is stored properly for the week, and just try not to freak out. It’s a lot.

Things are getting better mentally, but I still haven’t been able to bring myself to run (partially because 31 Nights of Horror; even though the movies are silly, the idea of being chased by a weird werewolf with boobs isn’t appealing). When we get back from vacation I’m going to start back up with my strength exercises, since I now have the space.

That’s all I have for today. I hope you’re preparing for Halloween in all the best ways (overdecorating your house, eating all things pumpkin, etc), and I hope you have a lovely weekend.













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